Fashion Trends in Covid-19

At whatever point there is an emergency like war or pandemic, the impacts are seen all around. Both indoor and open-air exercises are impacted. Individuals have locked up their homes and there is no hint of work in the originalities. The financial condition of each nation is broken as though they need to begin from zero once more.

Governments and enterprises must be prepared for any most unusually terrible circumstance in their line of the field. As some other pandemic, COVID-19 was additionally surprising and tragic. Be that how it hit the design businesses and style are without a doubt fascinating. During Spanish influenza 1918, face covers were utilized for protection constantly, while in the 1930s and 1940s maps were disguised under trooper’s uniform, which was utilized later for reuse.

Each pandemic is a reminder for people and enterprises to move their method of working before they end up in a departed door. The style ventures gradually centered on making clothing types that keep going for quite a while as opposed to those you cannot wear a little while later. The stock accessibility in the outlets and plants is diminished; there are discounted deals all over the place. Online deals are even more slanting day-to-day.

There was no additional introduction stock; lesser brands had the option to think of new plans at this time. They turned out to be less creative and costs rose than expected. It made individuals purchase less stuff, as they were not glared by the online deal and accessible stock. Many fashion enterprises dropped their style weeks and progressed.

Each material industry gradually centered on contributing towards controlling the circumstance by giving the Masks, Gloves, and Suits for the medical clinic staff and average citizens too.

Stay home, stay safe is the slogan, which is used worldwide in this pandemic.


Covid-19 has coined the fashion trend across the globe. The fashion trend that was ordinary before is put back with entirely new propositions. Attire designs change from short summer dresses to covering full body elegance. It has added accessories as well like scarves, masks, gloves, etc. while having a glimpse of present vogue is useless if we do not consider past fashion.

Masks and gloves

At the start of the pandemic, the lack of masks led to the fabrication of the latest and handcraft masks. Although medical professionals say, handcraft masks are not ideal however; it led to initiating several distinct masks including fancy masks, fabric masks. Instagram is full of unique ideas of fabricating masks with studs and stones and different embroidery on it. Alike are gloves, peculiar gloves with beautiful embroidery are available online. Franck Cochoy, professor of Sociology said in a telephonic interview that “today, what people find scary is not having masks. Mask has become a soothing object”.

A few years ago, wearing masks and veils was discouraged in European countries as higher authorities concluded most of the crimes are tender by covering faces. France banned the wearing of full veils in public places in 2011 because it violated secular merits. Moreover, many people say going around in surgical masks is very depressing. A fashion designer Sophie Zinga said, “she decided to create a mask from organic cotton after realizing that protective measures could be required for the next two years”. Fashion lovers across the world are combining style and safety by producing colorful masks. Besides, it has declared that many whole sellers are manufacturing masks with embellishment on it.

How about the idea of embellishment on the N95 cotton mask? Another factor of creating a handcrafted mask is they are washable and cheap.


Dress designs have changed due to COVID-19. Almost 95% of people are preferring dresses that fully cover the body. Another article that has a high selling rate is scarves. Females are using scarves to cover their faces and hairs. According to fashion designer Zinga, she said, “I think we are going to integrate each outfit with a fashion mask”.


Cosmetics are widely used in all regions of the world. The impact that has been observed during COVID-19 is to feel fresh with no makeup or less makeup trending. Many celebrities’ claims that their skin has become more vigorous while they are not utilizing makeup products. In the upcoming time, using slighter makeup will be in trend.

Impact on gatherings

While people are avoiding gatherings, they do not find the need to buy new outfits rather people prefer some comfortable sportswear and footwear. Live Streaming is in full bloom these days. People are inviting friends online to face chats. Celebrities are entertaining audiences through different live cooking recipes and sharing the latest updates to their audience. This is how people are killing the quarantine period. Meanwhile, if some stores are open, people do not find it the same rather it is quite different. The stores are acting upon the SOPs. Social distance needs to be maintained. People have to sanitize themselves and must avoid touching things and surfaces.

Change in spending habits

Meanwhile, we have been encouraging over-consumption, over-usage, and over-wastage of things for many years but still, we have observed dynastic change in our spending during COVID-19. People have become more conscious of the commodities they used. As we discuss fashion related spending, the garments or products that were considered in the least rank are upcoming with new sensations. Different techniques of refabrication or redesigning are used. People are more reliable on the more durable things rather than on temporary things.

A Bangladeshi garment manufacturer, Mostafiz Uddin said, “Poverty is a killer too and many will die from poverty than from COVID-19 because lowest-paid suppliers have hit the worst”. Bangladesh is the second exporter of the world and almost 84% of its people are doing exports. According to current estimation, people have lost 1/3 of their income. Nobody is being paid and it is causing starvation. The supply chain has affected the worst during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While having no free access to new trends, people are discovering their wardrobes.

Impact of Covid-19 on Fashion Industry

As the world is fronting pandemic in specified isolation, fashion revolutionaries and manufacturers are focusing on how the situation is influencing businesses. Retailers have shut down their doors but several are executing online businesses. The significant change in fashion occurs not from runways but from events that have occurred in the past.

Since the Corona Virus outburst began in China, its footprint has felt across the globe. All apparel and textile sectors including footwear and manufacturers have affected tremendously. Covid-19 has affected China, America, Bangladesh, and Italy on the lion’s share. Revolutionaries have turned on mass production of disposable goods to recover their wallets. We already have seen several stores closing, drop in stock prices, cancellation, or postponement of events. To avoid diving in the water and remaining there forever, businesses must be sustained by using strategic analysis and hoping for faster recovery after the pandemic to sustain business rank. By considering 3Rs, which are recycled, reuse, and reproduce, businesses can regain value. Strategies that are being used in the pandemic are discounts, compensation, and free services. Almost all IT related or graphic related work is being done online to stay tuned and sustain the business.

Coronavirus pandemic has hard hit the businesses, which are non-essential spending. Of course, design apparel and footwear comes in the categorization.

At MILAN fashion week that happened in February, Giorgio Armani chose a live-stream of a new collection rather than summon people. Alike, numerous brands in Pakistan are introducing new collections and discounts through live streaming or powerful social media sites. London is the hub of different cultures; it is an estimation that the UK market has hit the worst. In the future, sales are expected to decline globally to recover the loss and post-pandemic expected uplift.


Online stores are on the wheeling trend during Covid-19. As Coronavirus has affected the markets globally, retailers and sellers have shut down their workrooms and started selling online. In this pandemic situation, online stores have attained critical value. People have no choice to buy online or to wait for the circumstances to settle down on this baseline again.

Marketers recognize obvious results of the situation, so they have boosted their online services for their customers to gain profit. These are the market tactics to capture customers.

During this pandemic period of lockdown (Covid-19), every evening Instagram is full of live chats featuring designers and experts trying to develop new fashion style practices.

Another thing, which dominant brands recognize, is “Sanitization” of products. Thus, they claim that products are 100% sanitized and will deliver to customer’s doorstep by upholding precautionary measures.

Besides all this, the majority of brands have orientated Sanitizers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online stores have become more convenient for those who do not like to go outside for shopping. This feels like shopping at arm-length and is more comfortable.

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