FuboTV: Best Internet TV for Live Sports, TV shows, News

FuboTV initially started as a streaming service for football, before being attracted to the more traditional live TV streaming service. The company wants to point out that while it is the first streaming service, it is not just a sports service. The game’s objective watchers are demographic, but as you know, there are many other kinds of channels offered to divert you.


Offering Services and the Packages:

FuboTV is offering free streaming for 7 days. There is no kind of any commitment, contract or a bond. And you can also cancel your plan or a package at any time whenever you want to cancel it. Here you get the information for different best plans offering by FuboTV.

Classic Basic Plan:

The classic basic package also named it as Fubo Standard. This Fubo standard Offers 109 Channels with 130 plus events or occasions having a quality of 4K. 30 hours of space with Cloud DVR also offered in this Fubo Standard plan. It also provides you standard share means 2 people stream at same time. It costs only $54.99 per month. This package is providing good service to the customer and reviews from the customers are so satisfying.


Family Plan:

The Best plan featured for families. This family plan Offers 109 Channels with 130 plus events with 4k video quality. 500 hours of space with Cloud DVR Plus along with family share means you can stream on upto 3 screens at once. With 15% saving it costs only $59.99/month. This package is widely used for the family providing good entertainment.


Family Deluxe Plan:

This family deluxe plan Offers 118 Channels with 130+ events in 4K. 500 hours of  Cloud DVR also offered in this Family deluxe package. It also provides your family share means 3 screens at once. Instead of $80, it will cost only $64.99 1st three months with 20% savings. After 3 months it will cost $69.99/mo.



Ultra Package means more to watch, more to save. This premium plan offers 180 channels with 130 plus events in 4K. 500 hours of DVR+ also offered in this premium package. And also it gives Fubo an extra 40 more entertainment channels. Moreover, Showtime’s 9 channels with on-demand and Sports Plus 22 channels. also provided in this package. Instead of $98, it will cost only 74.99$ per month with 19% savings.

Fubo Latin TV

The cheapest plan on Fubo. This Plan Offers 30 Channels. 500 hours of space with Cloud DVR. It also provides your family share of  2 screens at once. It costs only $19.99 per month (billed every 3 months) saves 43%. This is the best package for Latin channels.




FuboTV have a wide range of channels which you can add-on with any of the above packages.

Sports Plus with NFL RedZone ($10.99/mo)

Showtime ($10.99/mo)


AMC ($4.99/mo)

Fubo Cycling ($11.99/mo) International sports plus is free with Fubo Cycling


Fubo Extra ($5.99/mo)

Fubo International Sports Plus ($5.99/mo)

fubo international sports plus

Adventure Plus ($4.99/mo)

Fubo Latino Plus ($7.99/mo)

fubo tv latino plus

RAI Italia ($7.99/mo)

Portuguese Plus ($14.99/mo)


4K and HDR Quality:

In July 2018, FuboTV became the first streaming service to feature content in 4K and HDR10, which hit major rivals Dish, Sling and Direct TV Now in a cartoon. It started with select matches of the 2018 World Cup on FOX and FS1 that featured 4K with HDR and then also featured some MLB and NCAA football games in 4K Beta. Went to This is a step forward and you can expect more content to flow to 4K and HDR in the future.


FuboTV is supported by the most popular streaming devices, including Apple TV 4K, Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Google Chromecast from mobile devices to your TV or any android smart TV read more.

Take your FuboTV anywhere with iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Android Tablet.

Watch or Record

A Cloud DVR is attractive an important feature of live TV streaming facilities. FuboTV’s Cloud DVR works as a DVR with a limited amount of storage accessible to you. All basic packages contain 30 hours of storage still you can easily renovation to 500 hours for an extra $10 per month.

Packages comparison



If you are not sure yet we recommend watching the free seven-day trial. We also endorse testing your associations with the most popular streaming facilities to see if there is an extra facility that can well fit your requirements.

Note: all the packages details and prices mentioned above last checked on 04/13/2020 FuboTV have the right to change any plan or discount anytime. 

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