Top 5 Luxury Women’s Handbags French & Italian Brands

Each season pattern changes and it includes or changes look design. A large portion of our center around garments and foot products that we believe are basic however we neglect to consider adornments to finish our look. Each season, these adornments change so like their colors and structures as well. Here we will find handbags that are getting fame step by step. There is a huge market of brands that address the demand for bags. From cheap price bags to luxury bags, each conceivable alternative is accessible. You may discover duplicates of luxury bags in the market too on because of recognition and resemblance. These bag sizes fluctuate from small bags that just have space of lipsticks and money cards or might be huge conveying more things. Let us examine designer bags, you can’t state NO to because they are excessively classy and attractive. On the off chance that you don’t know which luxury bag to purchase, think about going to the most well-known designer with their tremendous variety of bags. You will be surprised to find it.

Here we will find some not just luxury, premium but they are the world’s most expensive handbag brands as well.


Christian Dior usually known as Dior is a French Luxury Brand that manages watches, bags, shoes, clothes, and fragrance. Dior was established in 1946. 73 years back, it is a Paris, France based brand. Dior is right now operational in 210 areas which cover Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Middle East which incorporates more developed nations for example US, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, and so forth. Dior’s income in 2018 was £9,875 Billion and as yet expanding. Dior structures and retails leather products, design accessories. Dior was financially backed by well off businessman Marcel Boussac. Marcel welcomed Dior to structure Philippe however, Dior can’t want to make his own new beginning. Examine Dior’s bag collection.

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Chanel was founded in 2011 to support a project that is expected to improve the economic and social conditions of ladies and young girls. It worked for women independently and strengthening by giving them different entrepreneurial opportunities, training jobs, and leadership. It engaged women to progress in gender equality through having skills. Chanel is working on many projects that will profit ladies’ improvement. Chanel is dealing with jewelry, watches, fragrance, bags, clothing, and footwear too. Chanel’s income was $11 billion out of 2018.

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Prada is an Italy based brand, established in Milan, Italy in 1913 by Mario Prada. Prada is an Italian luxury brand having some expertise in leather hand made bags, travel embellishments, shoes, attire, and perfumes. In 2016, its income was $3.91 billion. On 14 April 2020, Prada began a live talk session investigating society and d fashion diversity through Instagram. This live session permitted the audience to share thoughts, ask questions, and give suggestions. Let’s explore Prada’s bag collection underneath.

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Celine is a French brand. Celine was established in 1945 by Celine Vipiana and her husband Richard who began with youngsters shoe business and opened his first boutique in Paris. Its headquarter is arranged in Paris. The brand center around prepared ready to wear design and sportswear. Celine manages leather bags, loafers, gloves, and garments. By picking up the popularity of leather, Celine opened a leather manufacturing plant in Florence. In 1996, Bernard Arnault chose to purchase Celine capital for 2.7 billion. LVMH hit the market with the opening of a boutique in Paris. Here gives a few photos of their luxury bag.

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Gucci is an Italian luxury brand that manages design and leather goods. Gucci was established by Guccio Gucci in Tuscany, in 1921. As an immigrant, Gucci worked in a hotel where he was impressed by the luxury bags individuals carried with them while they travel. When Gucci come back to his origin, acquiring a few abilities, he began making leather bags with classic designs Later Gucci employed skilled workers and expand his area of making. Gucci with his children grows his business to Rome and Milan. Gucci produced about 4.2 billion income in 2008. Gucci’s headquarter is in Florence, Tuscany. As indicated by the 2017 figure, Gucci’s income was $7.1 billion. Gucci has around 278 stores over the world. It is additionally selling its items to well known departmental stores. Gucci is specialized in leather goods, bags and shoes. Have a look at the Gucci luxury collection.

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